How Chat GPT is Changing the Game in 2023

The world is in a state of disruption. It appears everything we have known is changing, and changing fast. Chat GPT has grown quicker than any social media platform, website, or business in history. I first mentioned it on my podcast three months ago, as of today 4-10-2023 that is probably not a marketer on the planet that has not logged in and played with this technology. But it is just startinig in my opinion. HINT: In the next crypto bullrun watch what happens with the tokens of companies in the AI space, it is predictable as I talked about here. Anyway, this is an article worth reading. As a matter of fact all information but out by Gary Vee should be consumed in my opinion, if you can deal with his foul mouth, we can all learn from his Eistein level EQ.

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I’m super pumped for today’s blog post, all about ChatGPT. Many of you have heard me talk about this topic before, but in the new blog we’re gonna go much deeper into why ChatGPT and AI in general have me so excited.

I see all the DMs and comments from those of you who are scared or just don’t know what to think yet … I empathize with the skepticism because the reality is, this happens all the time.

Feelings of “fear” and “uncertainty” around new technology aren’t anything new.. I remember the same hysteria when the internet came around and I told people I was gonna sell my dad’s wine online … people thought I was crazy, but that’s the thing with technology. Everything is “crazy” until it’s not.

Let there be no confusion… AI is here. Many are scared or skeptical, but I hope we can soon agree that tools like ChatGPT are moving us forward, not back. If you’re still sleeping, it’s time to wake up!

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ChatGPT is an insanely powerful tool that’s reshaping how we work, how we live, and how we do business. Whether you’re in marketing, education, healthcare, or even just posting on social media, AI is making moves, and it’s up to us to keep up or get left behind.

ChatGPT is an execution of AI that’s really profound. A lot of people who used it for the first time were completely blown away – for me, it made me feel the same way I felt when I first used a search engine. It’s like, wait, “I can get all the information from the world on this?” 

Some people have fears and hesitations around technological advancements like ChatGPT and AI as a whole. My hope in this blog post is to share a perspective on why technology on the whole is a positive thing for us, as well as how to use ChatGPT for your own professional success.


Back in 1997, I spoke at a Chamber of Commerce in New Jersey and I used this analogy: “If you’re the top salesman or saleswoman for Yellow Pages, you might wanna consider what Yahoo and Google are doing.” AI is going to do a lot of stuff, and it should. We need to adapt, just like we did back then.

People are always afraid of change. Remember when the tractor first came out? Most people were working on farms, and suddenly, everyone’s freaking out, thinking they’re out of jobs. But guess what? They found new jobs! That’s what we do as humans. We adapt, and we grow. AI is the tractor of our time, and we need to embrace it.

You can have any opinion you want on AI, but here’s the truth: technology doesn’t care about your opinion. It’s not gonna stop advancing. So, if you’re doing a job that AI is capable of doing soon, it’s time to think about that and prepare yourself for change and/or use it as a tool… meaning, many people who create copy or do design work who are scared of losing their job actually don’t realize that the “architect” of the “AI input” to the create copy or design is about to be a new job — one that might even pay you more. Use the tool, don’t fear the tool. 

I see so many people complaining about technology, but then they turn around and order from Seamless or UberEats. It’s hilarious! You love technology when it works for you, but you hate it when you think it’s not. We can’t have it both ways, folks.

We are in control. AI will create efficiency, and yes, it’ll make some jobs less valuable. But that’s been the story of humankind, right? We evolve, we adjust, and we find new opportunities. So don’t be scared of AI – understand it, and use it to your advantage. For example, when the internet came out, people told me retail jobs would be lost. Which is true. There are less people working inside of stores across the country. However, many of those individuals with those same exact skills are now working in warehouses doing fulfillment, or working in marketing teams doing sales flyers that just look like social media posts. Get it? 

AI is disrupting the commodity of execution, not the ideation behind it. In other words, AI might be disrupting the execution of certain tasks, but that just makes the ideas and creativity behind those tasks all the more important. ChatGPT can help write a blog post, but it’s still up to you to come up with the right blog ideas. Midjourney might be able to generate images, but it’s still up to you to come up with a concept that evokes emotion. 

I might come up with the idea to compare VeeFriends to wine, and then AI can help execute the idea. So, in the end, ideas and creativity rise to the top, while the commodity of execution shifts to the bottom. 

And that’s where we need to focus – on staying creative, innovative, and human. Below are some ideas on how to do exactly that. 

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1. Write LinkedIn content to help get better job opportunities

LinkedIn is an absolute goldmine for building relationships and landing better job opportunities. ChatGPT can help you create killer content that showcases your expertise and thought leadership in your industry. You can enter prompts related to your field, and let ChatGPT generate insightful posts that’ll make your profile shine.

For example, if you’re a lawyer, you can try variations of prompts like, “Analyze the impact of recent legal developments on small businesses.” Meanwhile, if you’re a salesperson, try something like, “What are some effective sales strategies for closing deals in a remote work environment?” Or, “Write a few paragraphs about the role of empathy in building long-term client relationships.”

The key here is to use ChatGPT to uncover industry insights and demonstrate your knowledge, making you more attractive to potential employers and new job opportunities. You come up with the ideas that’ll resonate with people in your field on LinkedIn, and ChatGPT helps you write the content.

2. Write cold emails for outreach 

Especially when you’re early in your business journey, the best way to get revenue is by reaching out and respectfully grabbing it. Reaching out to people via email and DM is a big part of that, however, the tact in how you do it will completely be the variable of how successful you are.

For example, if you’re an influencer looking for brand deals, try prompts like, “Write an email to introduce myself as a fashion influencer to a clothing brand for a potential collaboration” or, “Write a pitch email for a partnership with a cosmetics company to promote their new product line.”

On the other hand, if you’re a sales rep for a company, use prompts like, “Introduce our software solution to a potential client experiencing productivity challenges” or, “Showcase the benefits of our consulting services to a small business owner looking to scale in 2 paragraphs.”

By leveraging ChatGPT to write personalized and effective cold emails, you’ll save time and increase your chances of successful outreach, landing brand deals, or closing new clients.

3. Write articles about nuanced topics in your field 

ChatGPT can help you create in-depth, well-researched articles on nuanced topics, establishing you as an expert in your field.

Give ChatGPT some prompts related to your industry, and it’ll generate a detailed, informative article that you can edit and publish. For example, if you’re a mortgage professional, you can use a prompt like, “Write an article that compares interest rates between 2008, 1974, and 1929.” ChatGPT will then create a comprehensive piece that highlights the differences and their implications on the mortgage market.

Similarly, if you’re a digital marketer, try a prompt like, “Analyze the impact of AI technology on digital marketing strategies” or, for an HR professional, “Discuss the benefits and challenges of remote work for employee engagement and company culture.”

You can use your expertise, knowledge, and combine that with what’s culturally relevant to the people you’re trying to reach. AI can help you save time so all you have to do is edit the article and add your nuances, instead of having to execute the entire thing from scratch. Again, the ideas are what matter in this new world of AI, execution is commoditized.

By using ChatGPT to write insightful articles on niche topics, you’ll save time on research and drafting, while solidifying your authority and expertise in your industry.

4. Analyze your social media messaging 

Here’s a fun one – you can use ChatGPT to analyze common words, phrases, and messaging in your content to find patterns in what works. 

For example, let’s say you’re trying to find similarities in the words you’ve used in your best tweets – you can feed ChatGPT a prompt like, “Write code that I can copy and paste into Google sheets which will analyze the most frequent words in a column.” You can even ask it to exclude common words like “the, a, an,” etc., so you get the most useful results. 

If you have your best tweets loaded into a spreadsheet, this could quickly help you identify the most common words and phrases that lead to engagement & reach. 

With that info, you can analyze for yourself why those words are working. That’s where the human side comes in.

5. Use it to facilitate education and learning

For those sitting on school boards or sitting on various boards of education, it’s time to embrace innovation and use it to your school’s advantage. Instead of fearing technology like ChatGPT, let’s leverage it to enrich our students’ learning experiences. The creativity and critical thinking involved in asking ChatGPT questions can be powerful tools in the learning process, like you’ve seen above in some of the examples so far in this article. 

It’s not 1987 anymore. With technology at our fingertips, students don’t need to memorize as much as they used to. We can now focus on teaching them real-life skills, critical thinking, and even emotional intelligence.

Here are some tactical examples of how boards can help & empower teachers to use ChatGPT in their classrooms:

  1. Generate engaging lesson plans that incorporate current events and trends.
  2. Create thought-provoking discussion questions to spark debates and conversations among students.
  3. Develop real-life scenarios and case studies for students to solve using their newfound knowledge.
  4. Use ChatGPT to create quizzes or assignments, allowing students to apply their learnings in new ways.

Embracing technology like ChatGPT opens up opportunities for more dynamic, engaging, and relevant education. Instead of fearing it, let’s figure out how to teach with it and prepare our students for the world they’re inheriting. After all, every 11-18 year old is already all over this! It’s a wrap.

6. Content Language translation 

This one’s for content creators who want to expand their content into different audiences in different countries. 

ChatGPT can easily translate written content into different languages, which you can use for blog posts or even captions on your social media videos. It’s as simple as feeding it a batch of text and asking it to translate into any popular language of your choice. 

7. Write SEO-friendly social media copy

Another helpful strategy for the content creators out there.. Try using ChatGPT to generate effective, platform-specific video titles and captions for your social media content. 

For example, you can use a prompt like, “Provide 3 YouTube Shorts titles following best SEO practices using the following excerpt…” and then include a brief theme from your video. You could even use ChatGPT to get specific hashtag recommendations related to your content.

8. Speed up data analysis 

ChatGPT can help you speed up data analysis, making it easier to draw insights and make informed decisions. For example if you work in marketing you could enter something like: “Analyze the performance of our latest email campaign and provide recommendations for improvement,” and feed it key details like your click through rate, subject line, and text.


Whether you’re ready to get “on board” with AI or not, let there be no confusion – it’s here, and ChatGPT is just one of the ways that new technology will advance our lives and industries moving forward. 

Instead of fighting it, wouldn’t it be better to just say “yes,” or even “maybe”? Why not get curious about how you can use ChatGPT to streamline your work or make your processes quicker and more efficient? Technology isn’t “taking over the world,” it’s making the world better … just like the tractor, or the automobile, or hundreds of other technological advancements we use everyday – but that’s only if we as humans learn to adapt and work “with” it, not against it. 

GARY VEE HAS JOKEINGLY SAID MANY TIMES OVER THE YEARS “In the end the Robots kill us all and take over the world” honestly if you read Revelation in the Bible that is probably closer to the truth than most people really believe.

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