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Imagine this: You’ve just uploaded a new video to your YouTube channel. You’ve written your title, optimized your description, published the video and…  

Your Video Is NOWHERE to be found

You type in your keyword and start scrolling down, hoping to find your video in the search results but it’s nowhere to be found. You feel frustrated thinking about all the time you’ve spent in creating the video, uploading and optimizing it only to get it buried down in the search results where nobody can watch it.  

I Know That Emotion

Trust me, I know that feeling. I have been doing YouTube SEO since 2018 and I experienced the same problems that you’re facing right now.  

  • Videos not ranking
  • Videos get buried down in the search results
  • Dropped Rankings

I couldn’t take it anymore, I was sick of seeing my videos not ranking anywhere in the search results over and over again. I remember there was a moment where I wanted to rank a video for a very important product launch. I spent a lot of time on making the video, optimizing it, uploading etc but the video failed to rank and I had difficulty sleeping that night!  

So I Decided To Turn The Tables

I decided to do the all the research and learn everything I could about YouTube SEO and ranking videos. It took hours of research, thousands of dollars on paid courses, coaching, and failing multiple times but at last…

I Finally Cracked The Code

I was able to come up with a system that would consistently get my videos to rank… even when they were not appearing in the search results… but I had a decision to make should I keep this underground method to myself or share it with other people who were facing the same problems I was?

I launched the system to a small group of people to see if they could have the same success that I got…

Their Results Blew My Mind

Here’s what a few of them are saying… LEARN MORE

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