Wikipedia page for business credibility

Let me explain you in detail our services, the benefits, process , and everything that would be needed by you to understand and make a decision.

Benefits of having a page on Wikipedia for you and your business: 

1. It adds credibility

We all know the reliability and trust factor associated with this free online encyclopedia. When we read something on Wikipedia, we assume it to be true. This is why people have so much faith on this platform. When your potential customers find that your brand has a Wiki page, they will start taking it more seriously.

2. Drives in more traffic

Online traffic has a major effect on sales. There are many ways to improve the volume and having a Wikipedia page is one of them. The links on the Wiki platform can provide you with a good amount of referral traffic.

3. Improves Visibility

Visibility matters a lot when it comes to online marketing. The key purpose of online marketing is to provide your website with much-needed visibility. When your website is visible to more numbers of internet users, it will eventually bring in more customers for your business. We all know that Wikipedia pages are always ranked high in almost every search result. Hence, having a page on this platform is a sure shot way of exposing your brand to your potential customers.

4. Improves Off-page SEO

Search engine algorithms always give more preference to websites and brands that look credible and more reliable. Having a Wiki page is like making your website look more relevant and trustworthy.

5. Great for B2B Marketing

Branding is an essential aspect in today’s marketing arena. It determines how your clients see or perceive your company and its brand. If you want to influence your clients in a positive way, having a Wikipedia page is one of the best ways to do it.

Process of Wikipedia writing and Publishing

Step 01 – Research and analysis: We find and analyze all the sources for your Wikipedia page to find the references.

Step 02 – Article writing: We compose your Wikipedia article using the best references as per the guidelines.

Step 03 – Feedback and revisions: We share the draft with you for review and implement changes needed and any changes you suggest.

Step 04 – Wikipedia article publishing: We upload the draft on Wikipedia and publish it through the review system.

Step 05 – Article monitoring: We provide continued support to keep your article safe from spam and vandalism while improving it.

Throughout the process, a dedicated project manager will be working with you to keep you updated with the progress. The Usual project completion duration is 3-4 weeks.  

Here are the samples of our work for your reference, these are some profiles that we got on Wikipedia. I would appreciate it if you’d take a look at them. They were created, published and are maintained by our company.

Business Profiles:

Personal Profiles:

We offer exclusive services that will take you and your business truly globally with a place on the world’s largest online encyclopedia, we use different tactics than our competitors which will take you instantly to the top of your league! It might look like a simple page on Wikipedia but here is what you really need to know to understand the real power of Wiki. We’ve consistently been recognized for our exceptional outcomes and services. We believe it’s time you took a step in the same direction to get the fire started.

Our services include:

Create a Wikipedia Page from Scratch

Creating Wikipedia Content

Inserting Wikipedia Guidelines

Content Formatting As Per the Wikipedia Standards

Integrating Sources as per the Wikipedia standards

Semi Protection Lock on Profile

Google Knowledge Panel

Notability Enhancement ( Article creation on Top credible Publications to add references on Wikipedia page )

Experiencing Quick Responses and Fast Turnarounds

Utilizing resources more productively

Compliance with the Wikipedia standards

Social Media Verification (Blue Tick) on ( Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

3/6/12 Months Maintenance with Edits

Complete Confidentiality of the Service

Unlimited Revisions

– Maintenance includes mapping relevant sources with the page to overcome any moderation made by Wikipedia or a third-party source. It also involves making sure the page doesn’t go down in the future.

– Google Graph is the chart that pops up on the right side of the google page, that describes all info about the person/entity and with links to the Wiki page and other sources mapped.

– Notability Enhancement Involves Article Write up and Publishing on Top-Tier credible online publications.

– Social media verification involves getting all the social media accounts verified, that is the blue tick that appears on the profiles.  ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

– Semi-protection Lock prevents a page from being edited by anonymous and newly registered users. It would prevent your profile from all kinds of vandalism, a lock sign would be appearing on the profile.

Kindly find below our 3 best-selling packages. (per profile)

Basic Package $999:

• R&D (Research & Development)

• Wikipedia Profile Creation

• 1-year Free Maintenance

• 100% Money-Back Guarantee

• Dedicated Project Manager

• 100% Ghost-Written

Startup Package $1,999:

• R&D (Research & Development)

• Wikipedia Profile Creation

• 2-year Free Maintenance

• 2x Articles For References

• Google Knowledge Panel

• 1x Social Media Account Verification (Blue Tick) on (Facebook or Twitter or Instagram)

• 100% Money-Back Guarantee

• Dedicated Project Manager

• 100% Ghost-Written

Professional Package $2,999:

• R&D (Research & Development)

• Wikipedia Profile Creation

• Lifetime Free Maintenance

• Google Knowledge Panel

• 5x Articles for References

• Notability Enhancement  

• 3x Social Media Accounts Verification (Blue Tick) on (Facebook or Twitter or Instagram)

• 100% Money-Back Guarantee

• Dedicated Project Manager

• 100% Ghost-Written

Furthermore, all our clients are entitled to a 100% money back guarantee in case we do not deliver what we promise or in any case you feel our services are not up to the mark. (No questions asked). We only commit to the things and to the clients that we believe we can deliver. We not only provide a guarantee of getting the pages up live but also provide a guarantee that they will never get deleted or go down in future.

Kindly let me if you have any questions and if you want to proceed with any of the packages.


Justin Wilson

Senior Business Manager

Wiki Moderator

Phone: +1 888-268-8998

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