🔥Free Government Grants For Individuals And Small Businesses (Top 5 Best)🔥

If you currently own a small business there is no question that the number one government stimulus available to you at the time of this writing is (ERC) Employee Retention Credits. However this program is only available for a limitted time, so if you are reading this you need to take action now, like today!

You have probably heard about ERC, but if you haven’t you can learn more about Employee Retention Credits here.

Unfortunately, many small business owners have been told by their CPA or other well meaning advisor that they don’t qualify when in fact they do.

The truth of the matter is that the employee retention credit program has gone through multiple changes since it was first introduced.  The process to file a claim is very complex and most CPA’s are focused on doing taxes and don’t have time to read through a 280 page document and attempt to keep up with all the changes.

If you are a small business owner that has been told you don’t qualify for EPC I cannot urge you enough to talk with the number one expert in the field, Bottom Line Concepts.  ERC is all they do, and they are not some fly by night organization.  They have claimed over two billion dollars in ERC refunds for nearly 13,000 businesses in the USA, many who were initially told by an advisor that they didn’t qualify.

Before you do anything else, do yourself a big favor and click the banner below, and learn more.  THIS IS SERIOUS, we are talking about tens of thousands of dollars, in some case hundreds of thousands of dollars in money that has been set aside for you.  The only qualification is that you were in business during covid, and you have at least five W2 employees.  If that is you, prepare yourself for a huge financial bump in funds you thought you were not entitled to.

Free Government Grants For Individuals And Small Businesses (Top 5 Best)

#5 Get Money For Free from your congressman https://votesmart.org/ So you know these politicians, they clearly care about you a lot and that’s why if you give them a call they will help you, and its definitely not because they just want you to vote for them, no they genuinely want to help you out… -low hanging fruit, they know more than anyone else what’s available right now in terms of opportunities -You get your answer right away because they want to get re-elected so you will get answers right away -They will really go out of their way to help you and they have a call center of people there and spend a ton of money on this because they know that it matters and makes a big difference They are your go-to source for getting free money from the government and they can help you find new programs or programs that match what you’re trying to do and the thing is that the government isn’t going to spend any money on advertising here, why would they spend money to give away money for free, that makes no sense so you sort of have to do research here and these are the people who know where everything is. You call them and then they call their secret back office direct number they have in order to get the information that you need and the reason they do this is because they know you’re likely to vote for them if they help you out.

#4 Get experts to analyze your business for free so you can double your sales https://www.nist.gov/mep -These are top level consultants that usually charge $10,000 a day and they will come out and evaluate your company and do half a day completely free and then they will do more for a fraction of the price (Not scentsy consultants) -It says right at the top of the website they helped businesses get 16 billion dollars in sales, save 1.7billion in cost savings and all kinds of other stats -These are just the statistics that you can measure and they will help you out so much and the value you can get from these guys is invaluable.

#3 Up to $250,000 to train yourself or your employees https://www.careeronestop.org/Busines… If you have a bigger business with multiple employees you can get even more money, up to $250,000 in order to train them, lets say you want to train them in customer service. Lets say you want to learn a programming language they will pay for that as well and the reason they do this is because they want to train people to be better and be more educated so that the US can compete with other countries in the world, its important that we have a bunch of people who are really educated so that we can compete with all of the other countries in the world so we don’t get melted by china like a noob So go to this website and it will make it easy for you to go to the website and then contact the person that you will need to in order to get some money.

#2 Government Contract instead of Grant https://www.aptac-us.org/ Getting government contracts can be even better than getting grants because the same amount of work it would take to get a $10,000 grant you could potentially get a $500,000 government contract and just remember that the government buys more stuff than any organization in the world. Over 1/3rd of our economy is the government buying stuff, they buy just about anything you can think of from consulting, even if you’re an entertainer you can book yourself to clubs on military bases, or lets say you make stuff you can get a contract to do that with the government and like I said they spend more money than anyone else, its easy and guaranteed money and once you get a contract its much easier to get another contract

#1 SBDC office Americassbdc.org This one is number one of the list and I put it as number one for a reason, because it’s pretty awesome and has helped more people than you can imagine. If you only do one thing on the list it should be this one if you’re starting a business.

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