This Content Syndication Platform is Helping Entrepreneurs Build Remote One-Person Businesses with Content Marketing

Ampfire claims to eliminate the 5 Deadly Forces that prevent people from building profitable online businesses!

Ampifire by Chris Munch is a content amplification and advertising system helping the underdog get exposure online

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Due to the recent pandemic, more and more entrepreneurs and business owners are shifting to remote working. Remote work was already on the rise with many large international tech companies such as Automattic, the creators of the blogging platform WordPress, opting for a remote work culture.

While having the ability to work from outside of a corporate office has been feasible for some decades, working remotely is now becoming mainstream. Recently, a cultural paradigm shift has been observed in what society deems to be an appropriate workplace—and remote work has capitalized on that revaluation.

As an entrepreneur or digital marketer working remotely, it might be difficult to find the best marketing platform to grow your business, especially when trying to keep costs low. Also, the marketing technology landscape is massive with over 7,000 marketing tools to choose from. This can definitely cause confusion, leaving you with questions such as which are the most effective tools that will help me attract the attention of my audience and grow my business? Or which content marketing platform should I use to increase my brand’s online visibility and exposure?

Being on the right platforms can boost brand awareness and engagement. It can also be good for return on investment with 77 per cent of consumers more likely to buy from a brand they follow on social media over one they do not. Marketing your startup is synonymous with the old phrase “easier said than done’. More often than not, the expenses and efforts attached to getting your name out there and grabbing attention sink the boat even before it sets sail.

Now many businesses, entrepreneurs and consultants want to create, run and grow their remote business using simple and cost-effective tools.

Content creation and distribution platforms such as AmpiFire can help entrepreneurs use it remotely to offer various marketing services to their clients or for their own business, without having to do any content writing or distribution themselves.

“With many people looking to get exposure and build their businesses, it’s important to have access to remote tools and services to ensure that they gain the necessary attention needed for business growth without having to hire someone in-house,” explains CEO and co-founder Chris Munch. “Our aim was to help small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world, including single person companies, to have the chance to get published and advertise on major sites, without having to build media connections or create content themselves.”

Munch started out as an underdog in the tech startup world so he knows the pain small businesses go through, and the importance the right type of content marketing can play in your growth. Beginning in his bedroom as a single person company before eventually starting AmpiFire in 2019, he grew the software platform from scratch without any funding or investors, and it is already profitable and serving thousands of businesses worldwide.

“The Internet is dominated by bigger brands, and that is not always fair. AmpiFire helps the underdogs, those small businesses out there which make up 50 per cent of our economy who have tighter marketing budgets. This one-of-a-kind platform empowers them to publish and distribute content across the internet for their clients or their own business which, in turn, results in exposure on major platforms and websites in a world mostly dominated by bigger brands,” concludes Munch.


Here are some of the ways this startup is helping small businesses, one-person companies, and digital entrepreneurs grow and even start remote businesses with a simple content marketing platform.

Ability to Drive Traffic and Buyer Leads

A common goal among business owners is to drive sales and generate leads. Anyone serious about starting and growing their businesses can create and publish content on high-quality websites with this content syndication platform. As you publish more content, your visibility increases over time and you build some momentum.

AmpiFire Levels the Playing Field for All

With the market being saturated with big brands dominating the Internet, it can be difficult for the average business to get exposure due to lack of size, connections, money or reach.

AmpiFire helps to level the playing field so that businesses can get their message out there and be seen without having to pay for expensive public relations campaigns or costly advertising fees.



By entrepreneurs and digital marketers remotely accessing AmpiFire from anywhere in the world and publishing their works and not needing their own content and PR team, the costs of having to go into the office to carry out transactions or hold meetings are reduced. Thus their businesses can also save money on costs like rent and office furniture.

Increased Productivity and Fast Distribution of Content

If 100 per cent of your marketing campaigns can be done virtually on a single feature-rich platform, you should see an increase in your productivity as you would be able to deliver professional results in a short time and take on more clients with ease.

Entrepreneurs, digital marketers, consultants, etc., can easily draft professional news articles and then transform their news pieces into blog posts, videos, infographics, and podcast advertisements in a matter of minutes, or have the AmpiFire team do it for them. The content amplification platform instantly repurposes and distributes newly created, highly-convertible marketing content on mainstream news channels, high-traffic blogs, popular podcast directories, SlideShare, YouTube and Vimeo and reach their audience in no time.

AmpiFire is still a relatively new concept in the marketing and entrepreneur world. With technology advancing at a faster rate than ever before, old-fashioned ways of marketing are slowly fading away and adapting to new ways. If you’re interested in living a more flexible lifestyle and building a sustainable business, look into how to remotely work from anywhere in the world. Offer your clients the necessary exposure and online presence their business needs through the first and only automated content amplification engine.

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