Skyrocket Your GBP/GMB Rankings

I spoke at an SEO event this weekend and it was a blast.

I met some great people, got to share some value, and had more than just a little fun.
There were some heavy hitters in our industry there too!

I’ll tell you more about the experience soon, but one thing I wanted to share with you today was one of the most common questions I got…

…what services is good for improving Google Maps/GBP ranking, and how can I increase both maps and organic at the same time?

It made me think of 1 service here on Legiit in particular.

It’s got a great track record from an incredible freelancer, so we are happy to make it the Legiit Featured Service of the week!
> GMB/GBP Map Pack & Organic Ranking Booster | All-In-One Local SEO Pack <

The freelancer for this service, MK whose business name is LazyLocalSEO, is someone who has been with us for over 3 years, completed 2750 orders and gotten 1041 reviews.

That’s not an accident. MK and his team deliver the two most important things to be successful on an elite marketplace like Legiit… results and customer service.

Not only do they increase your rankings, they can also get you more of what really matters… leads/calls.

And that’s just a handful!

Now am I saying one service alone is going to improve your Maps/GBP ranking & your organic ranking and get your phone ringing? No of course not. You have to have the fundamentals in place and so on.

But if you do, and you need the missing pieces to really push things to the next level, this service is perfect for you.

And here is the very best part… MK is offering 50% off coupon code: lazylocal50

At the already ridiculously low price point, and for the amount of work, customer service and RESULTS this gets… this is about as much of a no brainer as you can get.

> Click To Get Your Phone Ringing <
Don’t forget to use the 50% off coupon code: lazylocal50
Be on the lookout every week for the Legiit Featured Service of the week!

Chris M. Walker
CEO Legiit

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