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Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing a blog for better ranking and traffic from Search Engines.

A think which we should always keep in mind that without SEO. Its’s probably Impossible thinking to get impressive traffic from Search Engines such as Google.

What is SEO

With the massive increase of Search Engine Queries it’s really hard to get ranking in Search Engines but a little knowledge about SEO can make a big impact and to make it possible today at our first post in our blog we are going to present you the Ultimate Guide of SEO.

We are also going to get hang with those all new and old SEO Strategies and Trends.

In this guide not only we would discuss about SEO but also we are going to learn” How To Drive Massive TrafficHow You Can Make Your Blog SEO FriendlyHow You Can Do Proper Link Building ” and many more.


An Overview of SEO

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is a process of increasing and promotion a blog in order to increase the amount of visitors in your blog.

SEO has two main parts – White Hat and Blackhat SEO, Don’t worry! we would discuss about this too!.

SEO describes a lot from words on your blog to the links which are in your blog.

Do You Know? A little knowledge about SEO can make a huge change in your blog’s traffic and ranking in your blog.

SEO is the main structure of your blog which helps the Search Engines to understand what your blog is about.

A Blog or website owner always wants that his/her her website to be at the first page of Google and they use various strategies too in order to improve their Search Engine visibility and making their site valuable for the readers.

Search Engine Optimization has changed a lot from the past few years, with the launch of the Google Algorithms, the peoples are having new strategies to improve their blog and this article is written is a manner by which you can learn all the important strategies and main parts of SEO.

Is Search Engines Smarter Than Us

NO! Unlike Search Engines are smart but not smarter than us! Why? Because Search Engines is a piece of information which is given out when a user types their search queries, Those Search Queries are shown when the Search Engines crawlers/spider/bots crawl in a site and takes it’s data and then shows it in the Searches.

Search engines like Google always want that they provide the best and the most appropriate results in their Search Queries and their technologies are improving day by day.

With the Introduce of Google Algorithms such as Panda, Penguin and the latest Hummingbird people have instilled fear of copying the contents and spinning them.

Is SEO Hard to Learn

NO! The SEO word is little complex and you might think that it’s too hard for you to do, But a little knowledge about SEO can make a big impact in your blog.

SEO is for all and SEO is just like study but it doesn’t needs too much geeky or tech knowledge, It can be done by just learning.

Is this guide really useful

SEO is about changing a blog’s life! If you are serious enough with your blog and want to put it in the next level and to drive impressive traffic and you have not much knowledge about SEO then it’s for you.

If you want to learn then you are welcome but if you just see it’s heading then I am afraid that you can’t learn much with it.

Each and every words and lines are worthy here and it’s better for you to learn everything cause if you spend some time here then I am sure that you will be great in future.

White Hat and Black Hat SEO

In part one of this article we have learned about SEO and it’s uses, Now let us extend it and learn the two main part of SEO which is White Hat and Black Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO refers to the practice of getting high ranked in Search Engines. White Hat is the absolute good and recommended practice by which you can get effective and genuine traffic from Search Engines.

It’s a manual work to get natural, referral traffic to your blog. It’s fully approved by Search Engines which results long time lasting.

It refers for creating user-friendly contents and it mainly target to create high experience for the users. It not only approved by Search Engines but also is good for SEO Guidelines, it ensures that a site gets good ranking in Search Engines.

Its aim is to give well-structured site. It also aims at inter-linking which is meant by cross-linking.

White Hat SEO technique includes – Keyword Research, Analysis, Manual Promotion, Meta Tags, Description, SEO Friendly Design, Quality Content Writing, Interlinking, Optimizing Images etc.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO refers to the illegal practice of improving rank at one glance of click, It’s auto and it is totally against Search Engines Policy.

It break the Search Engine rules and it creates a poor user experience in a site. It’s totally illegal practice in which one can get quick results to get traffic, backlinks etc.

Black Hat SEO technique includes Keyword stuffing, Automate Software/Bots, Hidden Texts and Affiliate Links, Spamming through Blog Commenting, Cloaked Page, Illegal Hacking Contents etc.

Google Algorithms Updates

Google Algorithm were introduced to reduce spams and copied contents to be visible contents in Search Engines.

Google always want that users get highly fresh and genuine contents in Search Engines and remove all the unwanted contents which are just copied and pasted in a blog or website.

Let us learn about the Google Algorithms

Panda Algorithm

Panda Algorithm searches for the high quality and genuine contents and they are highly rewarded unlike the blogs which have copied and unappropriated contents just gets penalized by it.

It’s too good for some site whereas too worse for some blogs.

Till today almost 80% of world’s total site has been penalized by Panda Algorithm resulting destruction in the Search Engine Traffic for the websites.

Penguin Algorithm

Penguin Algorithm was introduced to target on the sites which are using Black Hat SEO in order to get tons of thousands of Backlinks.

Peoples who sell and peoples who buy backlinks both are highly penalized. Till today millions of sites has been already penalized by Google Penguin Algorithm.

Bloggers often gets an warning through Webmaster Tools but if the are not following it then no chance of getting traffic from Search Engines.

Hummingbird Algorithm

Introduced few months ago, It’s totally a new Search algorithm which changed the world of Searches.

Not much known about it but it’s technical term as we can think it’s a recipe of Google users to check billions of Searches.


Google’s pigeon update came on July 24, 2014. Its job was to make local search better and relevant. Google has said that in this new algorithm, the distance and location parameters have been improved.


This update came in March 2017. These updates were to stop mainly Black Hat Techniques. One thing Google noticed was that many people are creating websites and blogs just because they can earn good amount of money from google.

They write just thin content and pasting too many ads banner everywhere on the website/blog. So these kinds of websites mainly targeted by the Fred update.


Bert stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.

It is a deep learning algorithm associated with natural language processing. In this, Google has focused more on that they will understand the Context of the keyword better than before.

Whatever search results a user finds, they feel more natural and that will solve their problem more effectively ever than before.

On-Page and Off-Page SEO

Till now we have learned about SEO, Main Parts of SEO and Also about Google Algorithms. Now let’s extend it and let’s learn about On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

1. On-Page SEO

It’s refers to the practice of optimizing a blog in the blog itself.

It includes writing quality contents which are user friend, adding meta description, using high targeted keywords about your blog’s content and also your strategy to improve’s blogs accessibility to improve user and robots crawling and indexing.

Keyword Researching

Keywords are just one or multiple words or it’s also know as key-phrases. It’s just simple words which a person types in the Searches and then gets search queries.

Search Engines as we already know are trying to be more convenient and more organic. They are always trying to show the best of the results we search.

Selecting Good and Targeted keywords needs a lot’s of researching and one think we should keep in mind while researching is to find great and low-competitive keywords (Keywords which have less competitors).

Providing Quality Contents

Providing Quality Contents to your blog users is really essential thing in order to be popular and to get more organic traffic and also to improve readership in your blog.

Contents in your blog is the only thing which enables users to return in your blog.

A Blog which have good contents have more loyal readers and the blog which have many leadership have more visitors.

Content Heading – <h1>, <h2>

The heading of your content is one of the most important thing which is essential to rank higher in Search Engines and also to get more visitors.

A content which have an attractive content then it will have more clicks.

<h1> Tag refers to the heading of your article, you can also add <h2> tags. Now a days <h3> articles not get much in used.

Meta Keywords And Descriptions

Google is calming that Google no more used in Google data, but we should not forget that other than Google there are several other Search Engines like Bing, Yahoo which still using it.

It’s good to add Meta Keywords and Descriptions.

Meta Keywords is the keywords which describes your blog’s content usually separated by using commas (,) and Meta Description is used to give a description of your blog.

Optimizing Images

Optimizing Images is really helpful to get traffic as it’s SEO friendly and helps your blog to optimize. Adding Alt Tag is necessary and You should also add Keywords and Meta to your image. Also add Size Tag in Your Image’s HTML.

Internal Links

Internal Links plays an important role in getting indexed by Search Engines. A Blog which have good internal links is having more ranking.

Internal links is meant by the links of your own blog.

2. Off-Page SEO

As On-Page refers to the way of optimizing a blog whereas Off-Page SEO is a process of doing SEO outside of a Blog.

Blog Commenting, Creating Natural Backlinks (Manual Backlinks Which Are Done By You Not A Bot), Social Shares and Mention Of Your Blog, Getting Links To Your Blogs.

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is a manual way by which a bloggers and webmasters provide valuable comments along with their latest or the blog’s content.

A best way of blog commenting is to comment on blogs which have CommentLuv enabled.

Social Media Promotion

Social Media such as Facebook receives more than 2 billions of visitors every day. Now think if you could drive just 0.10% of it’s visitors then you could get more than 30000 visitors everyday.

Promoting your blog in Social Media not only helps you to get more readers and visitors but also it is good for SEO.

Search Engines measures and give good ranking to those blog which have more social expose. Always promote your blog on Groups, Pages, Communities etc.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking Sites is the ideal way to get backlinks where as to get targeted traffic too. Bookmark on popular Bookmarking sites like EzineArticles, IndiBloggers (ONLY FOR INDIANS),etc.

Forum Signatures

Getting traffic from High Authority forums allows your blog to get more expose in Search Engines.

There are millions of users who comment and visit other forums only to get backlinks to their blog, It’s Good to get backlinks to their blog from authority sites.

Blog Directories

It’s like a site which just passes link-juice to your blog from their blog, Always try to get backlinks from High Authority sites and which have high Page Rank (PR) getting links from such sites is really good for the health of your blog.

Backlink Exchange:

Backlink Exchanging is not a bad idea to get high quality backlinks pointed to your blog where as it’s allowed in the Search Engine policy too.

How Black Hat is Destroying SEO

Past in (90)’s people only use the way in which they have to work really hard to get listed in Search Engines. But after the birth of the destructive Black Hat SEO peoples take much interest in that.

They just think, “I can use Black Hat SEO and Earn Bulks of Money and Let’s Get Much Traffic” and after they perform they actually get ranking in Search Engines and are successfully get lakhs of visitors. But what now? As we know SEO is Changed.

With the introduce of Google Algorithm the Spammers are feared to use those Black Hat as if they use then Penguin is standing just ahead of them, Just a kick of it your blog will be history.

With the birth of Black Hat SEO Techniques peoples are not getting aware that what would happen with them in future! Their blog may get permanently banned and you may get 0% of Traffic. Total Loss.

Always use the correct SEO which is White Hat SEO Techniques to get higher ranking. Never see for those that of Black Hat SEO.


We are really glad to see that finally you have come the the last part of this Ultimate Guide, We are really happy to see that you have read it till end.

We have faithfully tried to provide you the best of our knowledge and we have tried to cover everything possible.

If we have missed any line then you may say it to us through Comment, We are using CommentLuv! You will get a backlink too from our blog.

Follow this article and try your best, Best of Luck. Peace and Happy Blogging 

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