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DROPs RVM System is the fastest, easiest way to personalize voice messages and turn prospects into sales appointments. It’s professional, efficient, and elegantly simple for both you and your team. Never spend another minute waiting on hold again.


Supercharge your sales outreach

Compliment your RVMs with highly personalized text messages – with 98% open rates, SMS is happily used by over 10,000 of our customers. Reach thousands of prospects with the click of a button.


Meet Your Prospects Where They Are

With Drop.Co, you get completely customizable delivery times. This allows you to deliver your message at the right time in a way that’s disruptive, surprising, and attention-grabbing.


I used this service successfully in the past, when they found out we were representing a MLM company, I believe it was APLGO at the time, they cancelled my account, or so I thought. That was several years ago,
but today, I received this email below. Ringless drops is a marketing method, I would like to start again
in the near future.

Wanted to drop you a quick note regarding your past usage on Drop.  I see you used some of the free credits we provided at the time, but never used beyond that.  Our customers are utilizing the software more and more, given they are seeing a huge ROI on the callbacks received.  I’d love to get you back on board testing, and would 100% match your first deposit.  We will also lower your rate down to a penny per successful drop.

Let me know if you’d like to give it a shot.




Dale Brown 

Business Development 


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