Ralphie Parker’s House is For Sale (A Christmas Story)

Ralphie Parker’s house – A Christmas Story house and Museum

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For years, people have been visiting a museum built in the house where the famous American holiday classic A Christmas Story was shot in Cleveland.

That house, where Ralphie Parker nearly shot his eye out with his Red Ryder BB gun, is now up for sale to anyone who loves the film enough to keep the 1.3 acre campus running as a museum, and who has about $10 million to invest.

The real house still stands at 3159 West 11th Street, Cleveland—a city chosen because the management of the large Higbee’s department store just happened to be the only one of those asked who allowed film crews to shoot inside.

It’s a very American tale, how current owner and megafan Brian Jones bought it on eBay, and it was sight-unseen for around $150,000. Jones had retired from Naval Intelligence, and was selling replica leg lamps from the film in various sizes.

A Christmas Story House and Museum

It was just a mustard-yellow beat up rental property with a small asterisk about its use in the film, but it drove Jones to create a passion project involving the house across the street as well. The Bumpus household, Ralphie Parker’s neighbors, is available for overnight rentals, as is the Parker household—complete with props and replica props to allow visitors to reenact their favorite scenes.

A gift shop nearby sells everything a fan of the movie could possibly want.

After more than 15 years of managing the tourist attraction, Jones has decided to pack it in.

“This adventure has been awesome, but it’s time for something different,” he told NBC, adding that only prospective buyers who will keep the suite of properties running as a museum will be considered.

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