Paying Attention to Colors use in your marketing

Color is an important aspect of brand identity, and data from a VidMob study shows it is key to understanding relevant features of a video and how viewers interpret a company’s ads.

Various approaches to hue, contrast, and exposure will yield different results with engagement, so continual testing of ads, packaging and websites is essential. In a year-long study, VidMob looked closely at the performance of videos across industries and found that color was a major factor in how viewers responded.

The research showed that while some colors were universally popular, others evoked different reactions depending on the context. For example, blue was often associated with positive attributes like trustworthiness and reliability, but it also had lower engagement rates than other colors.

By contrast, yellow was associated with excitement and energy, but it also had higher rates of viewer irritation. As thestudy shows, careful consideration of color can be key to creating successful video content.

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