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Outsourcing advertising is the delegation of your business’s advertising tasks to a marketing agency.

It is what most leading businesses do to grow and scale their businesses. But is it right for your business too? And if it is, how can you get started?

These are some of the questions we shall be addressing in this article. That said, let us dive in and have a deeper look at each.

Can advertising be outsourced?

Yes, it can. Just think of it as outsourced marketing. Remember, you outsource with an aim of improving your marketing efforts.

Freelancers that are literally regarded as marketing wizards are readily available on platforms like Legiit.

Should you outsource advertising?

Well, it depends.

Depending on the nature and type of yours, an in house team or an outsourced marketing firm may be ideal.

The first thing you should know before thinking of outsourcing is that traffic is the lifeblood of online businesses. Without it, it would be difficult for businesses to generate and grow their revenue.

So, suppose you are a business owner who knows nothing about marketing, it will be difficult to grow your traffic. How are you supposed to beat your competition and remain profitable in such situations?

The answer lies in outsourced marketing. There are professional marketers out there who are well-informed about the latest trends in advertising, and they will help you promote your business more effectively.

They will create a marketing program as well as marketing materials that will help you reach and convert your audience more effectively.

On the other hand, if you run a marketing agency, you wouldn’t need to outsource your advertising as it is something you can set up and do for yourself.

All you will need to do is lay down a solid marketing strategy and implement it to the latter being keen to adjust if need be.

Other factors to consider before outsourcing your marketing include:

* Your budget– If you run a small business, you may not have the budget to hire a full time in house marketing team to do the advertising for you.

* Your skillset– If you have not developed your advertising skillset, it would be wise to outsource it to an expert. That way, you can get desired results without wasting too much time on what you can’t do.

Outsourcing advertising: Advantages and disadvantages

Outsourcing advertising advantages

The main goal for most businesses is to increase profitability and maximize sales. However, most businesses find it hard to achieve this because they are not advertising enough or are not using the right strategies.

They waste time trying to learn digital marketing and end up hitting the wall. They attain the knowledge but not the marketing expertise that they can use to improve their marketing efforts.

You wouldn’t want this to happen to your business when you can easily outsource your advertising to an expert.

If you have trust issues, you could try out different marketing agencies and work with the one that delivers the best results.

By outsourcing, you get to:

* Focus and perfect your role in relation to the success of your business.

* Have experts working on what your business can’t do, enabling you to reach more growth avenues that are not in your control.

* Work with diverse skill sets that are essential for business growth.

* Keep your most valuable in house resources focused.

* Build your social media presence.

* Cut marketing costs since outsourcing is cheaper compared to hiring a full-time in-house marketer.

* Shift from using guessed tactics to using an actual marketing plan.

* Have access to the right marketing tools and technology indirectly.

Outsourcing advertising disadvantages

Even though outsourcing marketing tasks can be a great growth strategy for your business, you may be disadvantaged in the following ways:

* First, you get to expose confidential data.

* There are hidden costs.

* With excess marketing activities, you may lose control of your business process.

* Finally, you may fall victim to working with unskilled or inexperienced “marketing professionals”, thus generating poor results.

Even though you stand to be disadvantaged in the above ways, the benefits of outsourcing still outweigh the disadvantages.

Outsourcing advertising: what should you keep in mind?

The market has greatly evolved from the past. The same applies to marketing techniques.

Nowadays, the market is characterized by buyers who have grown with the internet at their fingertips.

This means that you need to get an expert who is up to date with the latest digital marketing trends if you are to penetrate today’s market.

Some ideas to guide you:

* You should get a trusted provider or marketing firm that understands your business.

* You will need an ad budget and pay for the overall marketing strategy.

* Your offer needs to be good and irresistible.

* Advertising isn’t always the best marketing strategy.

Outsourcing advertising: How to get started

1. Figure out what channels you want to advertise on

Not every channel will be right for your business. However, with the right guidance, you will eventually figure out a channel that works in your favor.

An ideal channel will help you reach your target audience and avoid those that won’t be of benefit to you. This will help you to focus on only what works in order to bring you a positive return on investment (ROI).

So what?

Different channels work differently. Therefore, if you are trying to achieve a goal like improving customer relationships with your brand, social media channels like Facebook can be helpful since they offer a more personalized experience.

On the other hand, if your goal is to grow your traffic, using search engine advertising and search engine optimization could give you some extra traffic. But if you are unsure, you could also hire a consultant.

That said, here is what you need to do to figure out which channels to advertise on:

* Consider your business goals.

* Know where your customers like to hang out.

* Talk to your consumers through their journey.

* Keep an eye on the competition and emulate their social media strategy.

* Finally, keep working on your marketing strategies and always be in the know about the latest trends.

2. Find a trusted partner

Working with a trusted partner can help you achieve your desired results faster. And lucky for you, Legiit has many freelancers as well as marketing agencies you could outsource your advertising.

Getting the right one is easy. You could search for one by entering the keyword on the search panel. Once the search is complete, you will be displayed with a list of freelancers and marketing agencies from which you choose.

Here, make sure to choose a provider that has great reviews. The more 5-star reviews, the better.

It only proves that the outsourced partner is competent and experienced enough to work on your project.

You could also narrow your search to get an outsourced marketing partner faster by checking the various service categories. That way, you are at an advantage because you get to compare the various service providers and choose the one that suits you.

However, if you fail to get what you are looking for, you could enquire from the Legiit Official Facebook Group. The community is very supportive, comprising freelancers from all over the world.

You will be recommended the best provider to work with, after which you can proceed to hire.

You can also post your gig on the Legiit Job board. This is a great option, especially if you want to work with the best bidder.

3. Hire and give the freelancer some guidance

Once you get the right freelancer for the job, you can communicate with him through text and make arrangements for a call.

During the call, you can get to know each other better, after which you should give the freelancer proper guidance on what you expect to achieve with their marketing services.

Make sure to follow through the whole process as you could learn a thing or two about marketing strategy, which could be of benefit to your business.

Outsourcing advertising: Frequently asked questions

Is outsourcing advertising worth it? – Owing to the fact that the benefits of outsourcing advertising outweigh the disadvantages, it is definitely worth the hassle. Also, considering that you are competing with other major brands, having an expert by your side from the early stages is better than having an in house team.

Can I hire someone to run my Facebook ads?  – Definitely, but make sure they are experts at what they do. An expert will help you set up targeted marketing campaigns so that you can capture those people who have never been to your website. Consequently, this will help you tap into the ROI you have been losing out on.  

Where can I outsource advertising?  – There are many service providers you can work with on Legiit. They are all very experienced, and you can choose one based on their prices and experience. And the best part is that they are just a search away.

All you need to do is key in the keywords of the service you are looking for in the search panel and click search. You can also use the Legiit Job board or the Facebook community if you fail to get your desired results.

How do you outsource Google Ads?  – The best way to outsource Google Ads is by hiring a freelancer. You need to click on the internet marketing category on the Legiit website, then PPC.

Whoever you decide to work with, make sure they are experienced and communicate to them your desired goals well in advance. But you don’t need to worry much, as most of them will go out of their way to ensure you get your desired results, even if it means overdelivering.

How much do Google Ads freelancers charge?  – Depending on the services they are offering, different freelancers offer different rates. The good thing about Lefiit freelancers is that they are affordable, with others offering their services from as low as $10 and others charging as much as $200.

However, what you pay depends on the amount of work that needs to be done. So, if your marketing campaign involves a lot, you will have to pay more. But if it doesn’t, you pay less.

Final thoughts

Outsourcing advertising is great for most businesses, but not all.

If you want your business to grow in sales and profitability, you need an advertising expert. They will not only guide you to where your clients are, but also they will guide you to clients who are most likely to buy from you.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to search endlessly. We have them all under one roof here at Legiit. So if you can, look for the right freelancers and outsource all your marketing needs with us.

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