Outsource and Automated Amazon FBA or Walmart Store Business

At the present time my wife Dawn and I operate 4theBeach.com, EvilEyeCollective.com and a couple of other shoplifty stores.   

We also have multiple eBay & Amazon stores in the sports cards & Hallmark Collectibles markets.  We liquidate Hallmark stores that are going out of business and buy collections from individuals.

So we have a lot of experience with Amazon FBA and quite frankly it is a lot of fun, but it is a lot of work.

Over the past couple of years many companies are advertising hands off services for those who want to own Shopify, Amazon, Walmart or eBay stores.

Needless to say, most of the business models I have seen and what promoters are promoting have many red flags attached.  Having your store shut down, being one of the most common for violations of the terms of service.

However there does appear to be some companies in the market that are providing legit, hands off operations for people like myself who want to operate as hands off as possible. 

I am in the process of evaluating them.  When I find companies that may make sense, I will post them below.  I will also provide updates on my movement into hands off automated Walmart & Amazon Stores.


Ecom Authority
VP Ecom

Motivautomation.com Have their own warehouse in Texas – $26,000 start-up


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