One Word Secret For Making High Level Connections

Sometimes I read artilces or in this case receive an email that is some valuable that I must share, this is on of those emails from legendary marketer Joe Polish. We are in a world where we are surrounded by fake people and fake gurus, Joe Polish is neither, he is a marketer and human being I have respected for many years.

Everyone seems to be wanting to try to teach newbies how to do things they have never doen. The world feels very FAKE at this moment in time. As I have said ten thousand times, ALWAYS ask yourself, who is this person and why should I be listening to them.

Most marketers are more interested in developing a following than they are providing real value and building solid teams of affiliates and business partners. I hope this email from Joe speaks to you. A little of wisdom here.

Joe Polish <>11:10 AM (1 hour ago)
to Dale
Dale,If you need to connect with somebody, but you’re not sure how to do it, there’s a secret that tends to work with high level people.

It’s called: SINCERITY.It’s not that simple, right?Here’s the thing: I’ve interviewed over 1,000 people. I got most of them by reading their books and sending them real, sincere letters. I just developed a friendship with them.

After all, I’d rather do interviews with people because I have a real relationship with them — and not because they want an affiliate fee. (There’s nothing wrong with getting affiliate fees. That’s some peoples’ business. But I’m just saying it’s a lot easier to have real relationships with humans.)
How Do You Do This: Make a one-page list of everything you know would be helpful for someone…and you just write a real sincere letter that says something like this…

“I respect your work. I love what you’re doing. You have a lot of people that I think would benefit from what I have BUT I wouldn’t even think to ask you to share it until I can do something for YOU FIRST.

Here’s what I could do:*

(Something helpful)*

(Something valuable)*

(Something rare).

I’m happy to do any of the things these for you for free, no obligation. If you like it and it’s beneficial to you and your life, then maybe we can talk about ______________.

And if not, that’s okay too.

“Is everyone going to respond? No.

Will the RIGHT person respond? Put it into action! That’s how you will find out.

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