Need to Hire Appointment Setters or Sales Closers?

Jared Warwick | Appointment Setter Manager Mobile: (306) 307-8702

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Dale – I came across your high-performance marketing expertise on LinkedIn and wanted to reach out to you personally. Do you currently have a sales team that handles your client enrollment?

The reason I ask is that we were able to go from 250k/m –> 1.9M/m in 7 months using a VSL and commission-based appointment setters. We were also able to replicate those results for the Beauty Boss (30k/m –> 450k/m in 60 days). I’ll post the rest of the track record below in the PS. 

Is this top of mind for you right now? If so, here’s a quick video on how the offer works.

Check it out then schedule a demo using the link below the video and I can break down how this would work for your business specifically. 

– Jared

PS: Here’s a small fraction of clients we’ve worked with: 
-Tony Robbins
-Frank Kern
-Dean Graziosi
-Agora Financial
-Jay Abraham
-Rich Schefren
-Pete Vargas 
-Todd Brown
-Jeff Lerner
-Tanner Chidester
-Client & Community
-Aleric Heck
-Joel Kaplan
-Astroflipping & Sub2
-Self Publishing School 

…among 450+ others. Reply and let me know if you want the video from me detailing how this works or if you’d like me to not contact you further.
Jared Warwick | Appointment Setter Manager Mobile: (306) 307-8702

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