Micro-Influencers can move your brand and business forward

Personally I believe it is sad that we live in a world where most people cannot make a decision without receiving some kind of confirmation from an “influencer” of some kind.

You may feel like I do, the good news is you don’t have to understand it to profit from it.

If you (like us) refuse to drop six figures for a TikTok ad, that’s fine.Micro- and nano-influencers are a fuego option for frugal businesses since they already have concentrated groups of consumers.

Maybe you can tap in, too — if you ask nicely. For tips on linking up, watch this six-minute intro to micro-influencer marketing. How to find your small-time legends:

Search Instagram and TikTok hashtags
Compare engagement rates
Check for fake-ass frills
DM marketing samples
Leverage velvety voices.
Fund fine faces.

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