DON’T LEAVE YOUR MONEY ON THE TABLE. How businesses can file and qualify for the Employee Retention Credit Program (ERC) even if they had less than 5 employees during Covid.

Your time is the most valuable asset you have, and this article won’t waste it, in fact there is a good chance it will pay you between $8,000 and $32,000.

There is no question that no program in history has had a more positive impact on small business owners than the Employee Retention Credit Program. If you are not familiar with that, this short video from Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank, explains it well.  (But please note how he stipulates businesses with a minimum of 5 up to 500 employees) Not to worry, we will share with you how if you just had just ONE W2 employee during covid you can qualify for the ERC program.

The truth is filing the employee retention credit claim is a tedious and complex job that requires experienced professionals. There is much more to filing a claim than having a CPA make a few adjustments on a few tax forms.  You get one chance to do it correctly and you need to hire a firm that specializes in ERC recovery.  

I speak with business owners daily that expected their CPA to do it and do it right.  To say it has been a nightmare for many would be an understatement. 

So if you don’t learn anything from this article remember this.  Hire an ERC recovery firm to recover your ERC funds and a CPA to do your taxes.  That should be commons sense, but you know what they say.

“Common Senses is no longer that common”

With that said, 99% of the ERC recovery firms in the United States including the one Kevin O’Leary is associated with, BottomLine Concepts will only accept clients with five or more employees.  If you had five or more employees during covid, then without question BottomLine Concepts is the most reputable company in the industry, and you should use them.

What about businesses that had less than five employees during covid, what are you supposed to do?  We have found a company that can file these claims for you & you can schedule a discover call with them by clicking here.

We have found a company that will file the ERC claim for business owners with less than 5 employees however there waiting list is long, and as you can imagine, growing daily.

You need to get on their list ASP just to get a Discovery call booked.  The ERC program is going to expire soon, so you need to move forward on this asap, like YESTERDAY!

Why the urgency?  The word is starting to get out and many small business owners that were told that if they have less than five employees, they couldn’t get their ERCT claim filed are realizing that now they can.

So how much can you expect to recover?  On average, even after contingency fees the average small business is recovering about $8,000 per employee.  So you can do the math, and understand why taking the time to book your discovery call and get this process started just makes sense.

1  Employee = $8,000

2 Employees = $16,000
3 Employees  = $24,000
4 Employees  = $32,000

What kind of positive impact would there be for your business by adding these funds to your operating budget?

You can book your discover call now, by clicking here.

If you had more than five employee during covid then click the banner below to schedule your discovery call with Bottomline Concepts, the same company Mr. O’Leary represents.

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