eBags Sees an 87% Greater ROAS with New Acquisition Channel

LiveIntent Case Study


25% lower CPA  

87% greater ROAS




Online Purchases


eBags is the leading online retailer of bags and travel accessories. With over 3.7 million customer reviews, eBags has cultivated a reputation as a customer-centric private label brand and online marketplace. Since its launch in 1999, eBags houses the industry’s top brands and has sold over 35 million bags.


eBags was looking to diversify their marketing mix to expand their reach, engage prospective customers across multiple touchpoints, combat diminishing returns, and mitigate risks with their advertising investment.


When eBags began testing with LiveIntent, their investment in display advertising was minimal. The eBags team knew that product-centric storytelling through video drove strong performance as an acquisition play, but didn’t know how to apply that to LiveIntent’s email inventory. LiveIntent knew that leveraging first-party data, native ads, and content-focused landing pages drove positive performance with email marketing tactics. Together, they brainstormed how to put these strategies to work for eBags.

eBags and LiveIntent developed an approach to leverage eBags’ CRM data to suppress customers from their targeting and use short product GIFs to drive traffic to product pages on their website. Their creative strategy eventually evolved to drive consumers to long-form landing pages designed to spotlight specific products with native ads. This approach allowed eBags to capture customers’ attention while telling the product story that is so essential to their brand. Working with LiveIntent to optimize their creative strategy was a huge turning point in driving the performance that allowed eBags to scale with email as an acquisition channel.

The eBags team worked with LiveIntent to optimize the campaign to their cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goals, empowering eBags to scale with an incremental audience while maintaining a strong return on investment (ROI). The LiveIntent team ran an incrementality test to identify the true ROI of the program and determine the optimal CPA goal for the campaign with the eBags team.


eBags has seen strong results from their investment in LiveIntent, from ROI to site engagement and incremental reach. Not only did eBags record a 7% lower bounce rate for traffic generated by the LiveIntent campaign than other upper funnel traffic, but eBags was also able to drive more traffic to their website for less spend, resulting in a 25% lower CPA .

Overall, eBags saw an 87% higher return on ad spend, inspiring them to make LiveIntent a growing part of their upper funnel marketing mix.

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