Does Your Business Qualify for ERC in 2023? (Many that Do Now have been told they Don’t prior to New Amendments)

There are various factors than can affect the eligibility of ERC. Also, many businesses assume they do not qualify because of various assumptions. Here are ten currenty ERC facts for 2023 that will help. (The bill has been amended 7 times since it was introduced a couple of years ago) If you had at least 5 W2 employees during covid the chance you qualify are about 75%. If you to PPP funds from the government then the odds are about 99% that you will also qualify for ERC, no matter what your CPA, Tax Attorney, or other well meannig, but misinformed trusted advisor has told you. If you are not doing ERC daily it is hard to stay current with current qualifcations. That is why we suggested you get council from a company that doesn’t do taxes, they don’t file legal briefs, they do ERC and only ERC 24-7.

Here are the ERC facts for 2023.

  1. Even if companies received PPP, they still qualify for ERC.
  2. Even if your business did not have a revenue reduction or was deemed essential, they can still qualify for ERC
  3. ERC is a refund in the form of a grant and can return up to $26,000/employee ($10,000 is the average for companies that received PPP, $20,000 is the average for businesses that didn’t)
  4. Simple operational impacts can qualify a business for ERC as well such as change in: job roles, business hours, reduction in services or workforce
  5. This stimulus program was established by the CARES Act, it is a refundable tax credit – a grant, not a loan – that your business can claim. The program is based on qualified wages and healthcare paid to employees.
  6. Businesses have until April 2024 to claim ERC retroactively for 2020, and until April 2025 to claim ERC retroactively for 2021. They have the ability to do a look back on their payroll during the pandemic and retroactively claim the credit by filing an amended tax return.
  7. For tax year 2021, the refundable tax credit is: 70% of qualified wages paid per employee (up to a maximum amount of $7000 per employee, per quarter and up to $21,000 for the entire year)
  8. For tax year 2020, the refundable tax credit is: 50% of qualified wages paid per employee (up to a maximum amount of $5000 per employee for the entire year)
  9. Independent contractors (1099) and the compensation paid to these individuals are not eligible for ERC
  10. Typical turn around times for funds to be collected from the ERC program is 3-6 months.

Honestly, if there is money on the table for you business to claim, is there any reason you shouldn’t take 10 mnutes and book a Discovery Call with the #1 ERC recovery firm in the United States? Please don’t glaze over that statement, this is real money for your business we are talking about. Is there any reason you shouldn’t get all your questions answered from ERC pros? All Bottom Line Concepts does is ERC every day.

Companies like Ubber, McDonalds, Hilton Hotels, and 400 of the Top 1000 companies in America are their clients. The call if free, and there is no obligation on their part to accept you as a client or yours to hire them to recover your funds. There is no upfront cost. If you are accepted as a client all work is done on a contingency basis. Nothing is due until your refund is in your bank accout. You can click here to schedule a 10 minute Discovery Call with on of Bottom Lines, ERC Recovery Specialist. if you would like to talk to a professional.

What about a Business’s Existing CPA?

Many businesses will ask “Why don’t I just file ERC with my CPA?” – The truth is because of the complexity of the ERC stimulus program and its various changes (7 Amendments since it was introduced) most hard working, busy, CPA’s and standard accountants do not have the experience or time to work throw the nearly 300 page ERC qualifcations document.

It makes no business since for most CPA’s to take the time to decipher how the program works, whether a business is eligible or what qualifies a business, and how to file for ERC. Especially when you consider the rules are constantly changing.

At the time of this writing Bottom Line Concepts has recovered over three billion dollars in funds for more than fifteen thousand business owners all over the United States.

With our ERC program via Bottom Line Concepts, they have perfected and streamlined this process and have a proven track record along with the resources to recovering the most funds as quickly as possible. So if your CPA told you you don’t qualify for ERC, give them a break. They are pros at doing your taxes, BLM are the experts in the USA for ERC Recovery. Do yourself a favor, this issue is not going away until April of 2025, so book a ten minute discovery call now, and put this issue to bed, today. You are busy enough as it it, give yourself one less thing to think about. CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR CALL WITH AN ERC EXPERT at a day and time that works perfect for your schedule. You choose the day and time, and they will call you.
The ERC Discovery call is free, and they will answer your questions, and let you know if they can accept you as a client.


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