Does Google HATE Your WebSite? (Top 5 Ways to attract Google Love)

From Human Proof Designs
Google has been aggressively rolling out updates this year.  We’ve seen the “Product Review” update, and the “Helpful Content” update negatively impact many sites.

So is affiliate marketing dead?!  What can you do to grow your site now?  Can an affected site be recovered??

The short answer – YES, you can recover, and NO, affiliate marketing isn’t dead (as we’ve been saying every year after these updates happen)!  Google doesn’t hate affiliate sites — it hates poor content and sites that don’t provide true value to site visitors. 

The long answer — to recover from a traffic drop, and grow your traffic, you need to evaluate your site based on the factors below.  Almost guaranteed – if you do these things, you can recover, grow, and be very profitable!  We have helped many of our clients recover and grow their sites, and we know you can do it too!

1) Topical Authority – is your site focused?  Does it cover all relevant questions and topics within your niche? We build topical maps to create a content plan for each site.
2) Quality Articles – Your article must cover the targeted keyword/topic in-depth, must have the correct headings and subjects covered, and must be the right length.  We use FRASE.IO and similar tools to make sure all content is better than the competitor articles ranking on page 1 of Google.  This is a must!

3) Diversify Affiliate Programs – Google wants to see you are recommending multiple sources for a product, and that you are not just duplicating product reviews already on the Internet.  We can help you find good affiliate programs for your existing products and get them integrated easily.

4) Commercial versus Informational – after reviewing many many sites, we can definitely see a correlation of negative Google results if your site has too much commercial content.  Rule number 1 is to provide value.  So getting your site mixture of info to commercial content is important.

5) Backlink Authority – quality of links matters!  You want sites that are trusted, and are linked to by other trusted sites.  Google likes to see a trusted site link to you as it lends more trust to your site.

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