I have started my own nutritional supplement line on 3 differen occasions over the past forty years,
at this point my only thought is NEVER AGAIN! But I don have people ask me about this quite often.
Below is a promotional message from Rock Tomic. In no way should this be perceieved as and endorsement.

Just today, I had someone contact me and wanted to hire me to consult with them on how to start a vitamin business. They had inherited some money, they understand my consulting fee is $500 an hour, with a 3 hour minimum and they were ready to send me the money via paypal & for me to help them outline a game plane to start their own supplement business.

My question was why me? They said they had followed me for years, they new I had experience in the vitamin business and they trusted me. I just said friend, I am not the person you should be hiring and tried to encourage them to look at other busnesess they could persue. They would have none of it, and got upset with me because I would no accept them as a consulting client.

So the next time I get a call like this, I will just direct them to this article. The older I get the less patience I have and the more it appears that I have the same conversations over and over with different people.

Rock Tomic is one of hundreds of companies that willl work with individuals to create thier own supplent brand. Needless to say, the competition has increased drastically over the last several years because the number of Amazon sellers and Shopify Store owners who want to make money with their own supplement brand has drastically increased.

For the record, I believe their are better side gigs to start, but some people cannot learn from the mistakes of others, they have to make them for themselves, so knock yourself out!


Imagine starting your own supplement brand with none of the massive up-front costs…

With Rocktomic you can create your own white label Supplement brand for under $200.

Choose from 100+ premium Supplements to brand as your own from iso protein, reds and greens blends, weight loss, immune support, and much more!

Why are we offering this for such little investment?

We make all our money off of scale.

As we help you scale to 10K, 20K, 50K units sold per month we start to win.

As an example you’d sell our weight loss white label Supplement for $50. You’d collect the money first and then we’d bill you $8.47 and you’d keep the difference as your profit.

And the best part is there’s no minimum purchase orders!

We’re a US based GMP Certified White Label/Custom Manufacturer with over 12 years experience.

Gone are the days of:

❌ Paying for inventory up front

❌ Warehousing your products

❌ Worrying about fulfillment/logistics

With Rocktomic you’ll get access to:

✅ 100+ White Label Products

✅ Worldwide Drop Shipping

✅ Done For You Logo/Label Design

✅ Done For You Web Design

✅ Insider Sales Strategies Our Top Clients Use

✅ No Minimums Required On Our Products

✅ FDA Registered – GMP Certified

✅ COA Provided on All Products

If you’d like a copy of our White Label Supplement catalog just comment CATALOG on this post.

Visit for more details!

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