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I admit, I 100% missed the entire social media shout out movement, and it was my own fault.   I have always taken pride as being someone who means what I say, and says what I mean, I found the entire pay me to talk about your gadget trend repulsive.  I have had many offers over the years to be a mouth piece for hire, but ethically I couldn’t do it, and feel it is wrong.

Personally I wouldn’t walk across the streat to meet a Kardashian or 99.9% of the most popular influencers on the planet. In fact the only influencer I would make any effort to meet would be Gary Vee, and that is just who I am as a person. Let me spend a relaxing afternoon with a family member or the most popular influencer on the planet, I am going to choose a member of my own family, EVERY TIME.

But when Gary Vee came out with his K-Swiss tennis shoe deal, and when daughters asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said the Gary Vee Sneakers, I had the paridgmn shift immediately, that moment.


I really don’t give a flying flip what other people think about me. Over my entreprenurial career I have just seen too many talented people that have done great things, never be able to muster up the courage to try because they were too afraid or what other people would think if they decided to build a network marketing team, or start an Amazon FBA business on the side. I guess I am not normal from that standpoint, and one of the reasons I never gave influencer marketing a second look.

I find it even more repulsive that we have created a society where people making buying decisions not on what they actually like or need, but based upon what someone they don’t even have a personal relationship with is telling them they should buy.  I am sorry, I understand it psychologically, but it is sad that that is the state of the world in which we live.

We live in a world where people can find the exact product of service they are looking for, but if it doesn’t have enough positive Amazon reviews they start second guessing their purchase.

As a business owner, I never felt good paying someone to talk about my Beach Store unless they were a satisfied customer.   However, it should have connected in my mind that if someone has a beach blog, and does beach videos and has a large following having him or her talk about my online beach store would probably make good business sense.  Just because I wouldn’t do it unless I was an actual customer of the product does not necessarily mean that others shouldn’t, and that the right recommendation from an influencer could create more sales than targeted advertising on social media platforms.

That is the real issue.  If you are struggling paying some shallow, simple-minded influencer to promote your product or service you need to understand that their shoutout is better use of your advertising dollars and statistically will create more sales than targeted Facebook or Instagram ads.

It took me many years to understand, that the market determines the real potential of your product or service.  Personally knowing it is the best, means nothing if the market doesn’t care or agree.

Success magazine had it right years ago when they said “If people want, what your selling, you will get rich”

So finding the right influencer can literally explode your business and the best way we have found to do that is with the Shoutcart platform.

Shoutcart has made many updates according to the recent email below they sent to members.

We have powerful sorting options on our browse page available to premium subscribers. These sort options are:

Sort influencers by engagement level of their social media account

Best Price
Sort influencers by price per post divided by followers (price/followers=bestprice)

Success Rate
Sort influencers by success rate to find those that complete campaigns the most

These sort options are available to subscribers of any of our premium plans
 Premium Pricing Page I will tell you about another important feature in my next email. It will allow you to find the right influencer faster.

Shoutcart Review: How Does the Platform Work?

Before we dig deeper and talk about the overall Shoutcart review, let’s first understand how the platform works.

Shoutcart is a virtual marketplace that enables influencers to list their services and quote a price for a shoutout. Any brand or user who registers on the platform can browse through the influencer profiles and filter profiles based on the requirements.

Let’s see what you, as a brand, can do on the platform once you register.

You can select influencers based on the following criteria:

  • Influencer Channels: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, IG Story, Instagram+ bio, TikTok + bio, and IG Story + link
  • Influencer Type: Personal and Page
  • Categories: Food and Nutrition, Technology, Cars, Makeup, Travel, Architecture, Memes, Fitness, Entrepreneurship, Hair, Nails, and others
  • Language: Dutch, German, English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Hindi
  • Country: Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the USA
  • Age: 13-65+
  • Follower Count: 0-50 million
  • Shoutcart Score: 0-10
  • Keywords: Add any keyword of your choice

Overview Of Shoutcart

Shoutcart is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell social media shoutouts. If you’re an influencer, you can sell shoutouts on Twitter as well as Instagram.

If you’re a marketer, you can buy shoutouts through the self-serve platform.

There is a minimum $50 to fund, which shouldn’t be a problem for most bloggers or any marketer. The platform processes the payments giving buyers and sellers and a layer of protection (vs. paying influencers directly).

Shoutcart is an awesome platform with an intuitive user interface. It makes it easy to search for influencers by keyword or using a number of different filters:

  • Channel (i.e. Twitter/Instagram).
  • Type (i.e. Page/Personal).
  • Category (i.e. Fitness or Cars).
  • Language.
  • Country.
  • Age.
  • Sex.
  • Activity Time (i.e. Active at Night vs. Active During the Day).
  • # of Followers.
  • Score (A Shoutcart metric for ranking users).

Shoutcart provides a variety of pricing options that vary by promotion length and whether or not you want to include a link.

Overall, the platform is straightforward and easy to use. Simply browse through the influencers and find ones that may be relevant to your project. If there’s a good fit, choose your pricing, and submit your promotion. Go To ShoutCart

Shoutcart has influencers in a variety of niches. They allow you to choose whether you want shoutouts via Instagram posts, Instagram bio links, or Twitter posts. You can also choose between personal or business pages for the shoutouts.

Categories range from humour and fashion to fitness and food. Language selection is somewhat limited; it includes Dutch, English, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Countries, likewise, are limited to Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. I actually appreciate this; they only list areas they have influencers in, rather than just copying one of those full lists for similar forms.

Shoutscore ranges from 0 to 30. The lower socred being associated with influencers that do not post out that often. Since you have a lot of upcoming influencers on the platform there are a lot of lower range scores. However, you can filter on the search to eliminate these.

Once you have found the influencers you want you can then buy your shoutout. One thing that the platform lacks compared to others is the ability to get detailed analytics on an influencers engagement level.

If you want to buy a shoutout, add it to your cart and checkout. At checkout, you will be able to submit your image/video, a caption, and a preferred shoutout time. You can include your Instagram username, as well as any relevant hashtags you want to add to the post. If you pay for a promotion with a bio link, you will submit that is well ( or is recommended for tracking).

Shoutcart – What Is A Shoutout On Instagram?

An Instagram shoutout, otherwise known as an “Insta shoutout” or “IG shoutout“, happens when one user promotes another user on their own Instagram account.

On Instagram User A creates a post or story that contains a photo or @mention of User B.

If it’s a business shoutout, User A’s post might contain a photo or video related or of product or service that User B sells.

In many cases, shoutouts are a form of influencer marketing.

There are three ways shoutouts happen:

  • Paid shoutouts: These shoutouts are a classic influencer marketing tactic. This is when you pay a user to promote your brand, typically with cash or via an exchange for a free product or access to your service.
  • S4S (shoutout for shoutout): S4S is a simple trade – they agree to give you a shoutout on their page if you give them a shoutout on yours.
  • Voluntary shoutout: The Holy Grail of shoutouts. This is when someone is just so darn happy with your product or customer service that they give your brand a shoutout without you even having to ask or pay.

Aside from the type, your Instagram shoutout can vary based on the goal you’re looking to accomplish.

Do you want more followers for your photography account?

In this case, you can ask your shoutout partner to post a photo of yours and include a simple call-to-action (CTA) asking their followers to follow you.

Do you want more sales for the cat litter mat you’re selling on your dropshipping store?

You might send a free mat to your shoutout partner and ask them to post a photo or video of their cat using it, with a CTA that encourages their followers to visit your store to buy their own.Go To ShoutCart

Instagram Shoutout Examples

Shoutout Post With Product Photo

We can see that the purpose of this blog is to sell some shoes, as Carl’s CTA is to head over to his blog to learn more about the company.

As you can see by the #ad hashtag, this was a paid shoutout.

ECCO either paid him in cash, sent him some free shoes, or both, depending on how much Carl charges for shoutouts and influencer campaigns.

Shoutout Post Without Product Photo

Because Instagram is a visual platform, photos are recommended to give people a shot of your offerings in action. But you don’t have to have a photo-based post for your IG shoutouts to be successful.

In this shoutout, traveler Angela Liggs (@angelaliggs) used a photo of her Patagonia trip as the backdrop to a caption-based shoutout for a Safedome bluetooth tracker.

She described her experience and how it benefited her trip, then dropped a CTA telling her followers to check out the company’s Instagram page.

Shoutout Post For More Followers

In addition to promoting a brand that sells products or services, another popular use for shoutouts is getting more Instagram followers.

This is especially popular for certain niches like photography.

Canon (@canonusa) is a great example of this. Photographers who use a Canon camera can include the hashtag #MyCanonStory in the caption of their post.

Canon regularly reposts some of the most captivating shots, as well as a quote from the photographer and shooting details like the camera model, lens, and exposure settings.

This brilliant marketing strategy is a win-win for both Canon and its loyal users, who get serious boosts in their credibility and following.

How To Shoutout – Instagram Stories

The great thing about Instagram – especially Stories – is that you and your partners have a lot of leeway to get creative with your approach.

Choosing the best Story style really boils down to knowing your audience and what they’re most interested in seeing.

If you’re not familiar with Instagram Stories, here’s a quick refresher:

  • They can be photos or videos with a maximum duration of 15 seconds
  • Users have the option to overlay text and graphics, as well as clickable hashtags and @ mentions for other accounts
  • They last for 24 hours, then they disappear forever into the ether

Jess Fay, the fashionista mom of @lipstickheelsandababy, gave The Pink Lily Boutique a shoutout by shooting an Instagram story video of herself wearing one of the company’s blouses.

In the video, she explains the blouse and how it feels, and offers her followers some fashion tips like which types of jeans would go well to complete the outfit.

If you have a Evil Eye Jewelry Store. I strongly recommend that you send your partner free samples of the items you’d like to promote. Because Jess’s story video was tagged as an #ad, we can assume that’s what The Pink Lily Boutique did.

This is something of a status quo in the world of Instagram women’s fashion.

Shoutcart Influencer Marketing Platform 1

Jenni and Mimi of, a food and nutrition brand, gave Crock-Pot a shoutout by showing a video of a recipe they made using their Crockpot Express Crock.

The shoutout is simple: no sound or narration, just a beautiful close-up of some pineapple jerk chicken.

If your company sells cooking gadgets or ingredients, having your partner showcase a recipe is a tried-and-true Insta shoutout tactic.

Tips To Get Instagram Shoutouts

While there’s no single right way to get an Instagram shoutout, there are some guidelines and best practices that can increase your chances of getting some action.

And there are certainly some things you just shouldn’t do.

Let’s go over a few tips to get Instagram shoutouts that actually work.

1. Be Picky About Who You Choose

A lot can go wrong when you don’t vet your options carefully.

For example, if you’re selling gardening tools, you’re probably not going to have much success trying to get a fruitful shoutout from a high-fashion Instagrammer.

To make sure your potential partners are compatible, look carefully through their profile, posts, and stories so far.

Look at things like:

  • How many followers they have. Unless you already have a lot of clout, stick with “micro-influencers,” or people with audiences of roughly 5,000 to 50,000. Keep in mind that the more followers they have, the more it’ll cost you to buy Instagram shoutouts. If you’re taking the S4S (shoutout for shoutout) route, look for users with similar numbers to your own so there’s mutual benefit.
  • The content, tone, and feel of their profile. What kind of content do they post? Would their followers be interested in your brand too? Also, look at the general vibe they give off to see if it aligns with your own.
  • How many likes and comments their posts get on average. If they have 50,000 followers, but only 50 likes and one comment per post on average, those followers might be fake or purchased.
  • The types of engagement their posts are receiving. Are their followers truly engaged, or are the comments empty, generic, or spammy? This can be another sign of fake followers.

Taking a few extra minutes to do some detective work can make a huge difference in the quality of IG shoutouts you end up with.

It can also save you some valuable time and money in the long run.

And who doesn’t want more disposable time and money?

2. Build Relationships Before Pitching Them

Before you ask a stranger to vouch for your integrity, give them a taste of it authentically.

Once you decide that a person or brand is a good candidate, follow their account. If they have other social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter, follow those too. Subscribe to their blog if they have one.

Then periodically engage with their posts by liking and commenting on them. (Just don’t go overboard… there’s a fine line between engaged and desperate.)

Follow the rules of tip #1 above: leave comments that add real value.

Give them personalized compliments, bring up relevant discussion topics, or ask them meaningful questions that show you’re really paying attention.

This way, they’ll be familiar with your profile when you message them to ask for your shoutout.

3. Start A Conversation With A Thoughtful Message Or Email

As you embark on your search for awesome Instagram shoutout partners, you might come across posts that are littered with spammy comments like “S4S?”

Shoutcart Influencer Marketing Platform 2

Don’t be that person.

When the time comes to actually reach out to your prospects, do it via an Instagram Direct message or an email (if they provide one in their profile info).

Your pitch will have a lot more weight if it comes as a separate communication.

In your message or email, be transparent about what you’re looking for and how you’d generally like it to pan out.

Here’s a little Instagram shoutout template for your message:

  • Get personal: Introduce yourself and mention something about their account. You can tell them how much you enjoy it, or get as granular as telling them their dog is cute.

“Hi [their name]. I’m [your name] from [your company]. I’ve been following your page, and I love/appreciate/admire your [insert personalized compliment or observation].”

  • State your offer: What’s the purpose of your message, and what value will it deliver to them? If you’re looking to give them a freebie in exchange for a shoutout, or a shoutout for shoutout (S4S), get right to it.

“I think my followers would really enjoy your page. Likewise, I think your followers would enjoy mine. Would you like to trade a shoutout for shoutout post or story?”

  • Give them a next step: What do you want them to do after they read your message? Direct them to your store or profile to learn more, or ask for their thoughts.

“If you’re interested, let me know which one you prefer. Then we can work out the details. Looking forward to hearing from you!”

Here’s an example of a freebie-for-shoutout message:

How To Find Instagram Shoutout Pages

shoutcart how to use hashtags
shoutcart how to use hashtags

Your first step for finding relevant Instagram shoutout pages should be good ol’ fashioned research.

I’m not going to sugar coat it: when done right, this will take several hours of digging (unless you have the budget for a specialized Instagram shoutout app, which we’ll discuss soon).

Start with industry-specific hashtags. You can find trending hashtags on sites like Best-Hashtags or TagsFinder.

For example, if you’re selling men’s gifts, some good hashtags to kick off your research might include:

  • #menswear
  • #mensfashion
  • #fashion
  • #style
  • #mensstyle
  • #streetwear
  • #menstyle
  • #streetstyle
  • #menwithstyle

You can also brainstorm your own or get ideas as you do searches. I recommend keeping a list handy so you have a “database” to reference.

Once you have a good list, type your hashtags into the Instagram search bar and browse through profiles until you find some good candidates.

shoutcart instagram
shoutcart instagram example

Clicking the hashtag in the dropdown will show you top posts from accounts that used the hashtag recently. Put your detective glasses on and skim away.

Shoutcart Influencer Marketing Platform 3

For more juicy tips on how to find quality Instagram shoutout pages, check out this article on how to find influencers in your industry.

Instagram Shoutout Apps

If you have the budget, consider a specialized Instagram shoutout app that’s designed to connect brands with the right Instagrammers.

An Instagram shoutout app like Shoutcart or NeoReach has its own database of pre-vetted influencers that you can sort through based on industry and keywords.

If you’re interested, you’re able to message them securely through the platform to handle all of the details.

Platforms like these can be a real lifesaver if you don’t have the resources or bandwidth to spend hours sorting through profiles on your own.

Should You Buy Instagram Shoutouts?

In a world where social media is a marketing commodity, you have loads of opportunities to buy Instagram shoutouts.

While some people have a knee-jerk reaction that any type of paid promotion is worse than getting them organically, this isn’t always the case.

When you’re careful about who you work with and how you approach the situation, paid Instagram shoutouts can be a great way to gain exposure, build trust with your target audience, and ultimately boost your sales.

And to be honest, you’ll have to put in a lot more time and effort to get the same results organically as you could get through paid Instagram shoutouts like giving away freebies or paying cash.

Just make sure you keep it kosher and avoid the trap of shady or fake opportunities – the ones we discussed in tip #1 about being picky over who to choose for getting shoutouts.

Not only do you risk getting ripped off financially, but you can also harm your brand’s reputation.

Key Features Of Shoutcart

  • Influencer search – choose by category, audience size, follower demographics or simply search by keyword.
  • Scalable Campaigns – order shoutouts from multiple influencers at once.
  • Follower Demographics – Filter followers by language, country, age, sex and gender.
  • Tracking and Metrics – Post tracking and statistics are available for all campaigns.

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