Building a Culture of High-Performer Sales Team with Cole Gordon

Why are leaders so high on culture? Cole Gordon, an 8-figure sales trainer and CEO of Closers io and Remote Selling Academy, is on the show today. He’s here to share the reason ‌he gives so much regard to building a culture in the team and what makes a winning culture.

He also talks about the challenges of building a culture in remote teams and the strategies he’s using that made him the best leader his team has ever worked with. For more tips on how to build a high-performing sales team, tune in to this episode! “The quality of your meetings is the quality of your culture.” -Cole Gordon In this Episode: – Learn how Cole is applying the psychology of framing to his sales output and how it helped him scale from one company to another – Realize why culture is important from a leadership perspective and why it matters when you want to build your influence – Cole shares how the “behavior-to-result awareness” technique works and what makes it a more effective way for him to call out a non-performer –

Check out Cole’s best practices on how he’s manifesting a fun, fast-paced, and high-standard culture in his sales team – Cole puts emphasis on why respect for people is important – Learn how Cole lives up to his team’s performance standard by knowing which ones to call out and which not to – Sales are like the military in businesses for some people, according to Cole. Listen to his advice to those who are struggling with sales.

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