How to Create and Manage Your Email List with Aweber

Aweber is one of the oldest and most reliable email delivery systems on the internet. You can get a free trial by clicking here. When people who have never used and autoresponder or what I call email delivery system ask me which one they should choose, it is always aweber.

I was actually one of the first 100 customers to every use aweber. Today autoresponder systems are very common but when aweber was first launched it was revolutionary. Being able to send automated emails to potential customers automatically and emal all your customers at the same time is taken for granted today, but back in the day being an early adopter to aweber was a great move.

I then made the mistake a few years laters to moving my entire list of over 100,000 subscribers to another service. A former employee of mine had started her own email delivery service and I wanted to support her.

Long story short, I moved my entire list of aweber to her platform and a year or so later she sold the business, and the new owner shut the entire comapny down, lost their domain, and I lost my entire list that was approaching 200,000 subscirbers at the time.

They say that from every name you have on your email list in a specific niche it shoudl equate to about $1.00 per name per month. So to say losing that first email list was a financial disaster would be an understatement.

All we can do is LIVE, LEARN, & MOVE FORWARD in life and try not to make the same mistake twice. I have heard it said that a wise person learns from their own mistakes, but a really wise person learns from the mistakes of others. Yes I have other email list associated with different businesses we own. However if you are just starting, and you a looking for a reliable autoresponder, Aweber gets my highest recommendation.

The video below is the best I have found to show you the interworkings of an email autoresponder list.


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