Appreciate Your Customers

From Joe Polish Genius Network

In marketing, you want to continually “drip” on people. This is where you consistently communicate with people via email, direct mail, postcards, and more. It’s about constant BONDING, and bonding is tied to APPRECIATION…

If you appreciate a plant, you’re going to water it when it gets dry. In the same sense, people need continual watering and sunshine.Sometimes the people getting our attention are the ones least deserving of it because they are a pain. If something is always breaking down, like a vehicle, there comes a point where you simply want a vehicle that works and doesn’t break down.

As my friend Dan Sullivan, the founder of Strategic Coach, said, “I don’t want to work on a relationship; I just want a relationship that works.”
In business, every relationship will need SOME level of maintenance and managing. You can’t ignore it. But most people don’t enjoy their relationships; They endure them. In order to not have to do maintenance on something, keep it really well maintained. This minimizes the amount of maintenance.

An ounce of maintaining is worth a pound of maintenance.To use an analogy, if you see something starting to smell in your kitchen, don’t spray it with deodorizer. REMOVE IT. If you see something breaking down, or if you see something “off”, it’s a little like recognizing cancer: Early detection, swift removal.Here’s what to do:

Make a list of the most amazing, important people on your Genius Network, and APPRECIATE THEM CONTINUOUSLY. And the people that have characteristics opposite those that would make your list? Get them out of your life.Best,This Joe Polish Riff was brought to you by the Genius Network® Team

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