Aged Domain recommendations from leading industry experts

The value of buying an aged domain is many already have backlinks pointing to them from reputable websites, and that created target vistors each month. So for example if, if you plan on starting a gardening website, many times you are better off making the extra investment into an expired, aged domain that has already been indexed on google and can immediately send you targetted customers.


Among the most common questions people have when purchasing an aged domain is which specific domain to choose. We are glad to announce the launch of a new initiative powered by Odys, called “Expert Picks“, wherein industry experts will share their recommendations on specific aged domains as well as growth strategies.

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Who are the experts?

For you, we asked domain experts such as Doug Cunnington and Mushfiq Sarker to come up with actionable strategies for domains from various niches and price ranges. With their expertise and experience in niche websites and website flipping, you can now build websites on aged domains that are ready to go.

Which domains are covered?

Our experts will randomly select and cover some of these premium-aged domains on the Odys marketplace. Odys features 1000+ premium-aged domains in 50+ different industries, so a variety of niches will be covered. In case you don’t find the domain you’re looking for in the “Expert Picks” section, you can always contact your dedicated account manager for help with the domain choice.

Where can I find the picks?

There are several options for viewing the featured domains. All handpicked domains can be found under the “Expert Picks” category on our blog or under the dedicated section in our marketplace. Please follow these steps:

  1. Login to the marketplace
  2. Click on the “Expert picks” tab inside the marketplace
  3. Click on the “Growth strategies” link to view specific domains’ growth strategies featured by an expert.

Check out Expert Picks

The aim of this initiative is to ease your way in developing profitable websites on aged domains and to save you time spent on research and experiments. We may add new experts to offer you a wider range of recommendations, so keep checking for updates.

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