5 Social Media Strategies that will help you expand your business.

Social media is still an untapped opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for different channels for audience and revenue growth. There are over 196 million daily social media users, and that number will increase.

While there’s no shortage of entrepreneurs on social media posting offers and sales messages, the way they’re going about it leaves a wide-open lane for business leaders to use a much better approach. 

Whether you’re paying for advertising or using organic posting to generate client growth, here are five effective social media strategies that help you stand out above the noise and establish yourself as a thought-leader. 

1. Create more awareness. 

Everybody seems to know everything in the online space, and they think they can get it done for close to free through bartering and negotiating. 

More than a few entrepreneurs and consumers online are making money but not building a business. That puts them in a place where they don’t understand the value of investing back into their growth efforts. 

That’s why coaching on personal development isn’t given a higher priority even though it should. Don’t pursue these customers through social media marketing. 

Your goal should be to target a customer base in which you create awareness of what you do and why it’s essential. You do this through value posts on social media around the topics that make up your business. 

That’s a customer base that understands investing in their growth. Educate this audience on why your topic is important and how it’s a pain point that needs to be addressed. 

2. Demonstrate expertise through live training. 

“Do it” then “Talk About It”. Social media is full of people giving advice and
tips on that which they have never doen. Real people see right through this.

But on the same token, I belief talking about your journey is 100% acceptable, but we don’t need anymore 22 year old life coaches. Be who you are, be authentic.

On social media platforms, you can use Live video. One strategy you can incorporate is offering an opportunity to win training with you and then doing the training live. 

The chance to win something for free creates instant engagement because consumers want to win, and the other side of the coin is consumers that want to see the live training. 

It’s one of the more efficient strategies to demonstrate expertise and start the know, like, and trust process in a consumer’s mind. 

Consumers buy from someone they know, like, and trust. They buy from entrepreneurs that demonstrate an ability. You can then repurpose the content to your website. It gives you an additional piece of content. 

You tell your audience they can get a reply on your website, which brings an opportunity to sign up for your email list. This social media strategy also increases traffic. 

You will generate more leads because you’re demonstrating the knowledge of your topic visually.

3. Develop a posting plan. 

Too many entrepreneurs post social media content based on whatever is in their heads. When they do this, the audience is confused, and you get blocks because there are too many ideas about what you can create content about.

Use social media to generate revenue by creating a theme-based content plan that aligns with media outreach, your blog, and newsletter. 

The goal is to create a consistent message across all of your social media platforms. This would drive your conversion numbers higher, and you can tailor content to specific audiences within your networks. 

It maximizes your social media content creation because you can repurpose content with this plan. 

4. Don’t waste time selling yourself. 

One of the most common social media strategies is when entrepreneurs show up in their consumer’s private messages. They’re not selling their offer as much as they’re selling themselves. 

You may have heard the term “attraction marketing.” It’s strong to let your social proof and results speak for you. Attraction marking alone isn’t enough, but it’s an effective strategy combined with planned outreach. 

If you’re good at what you do, stop trying to convince people that probably wouldn’t invest with you no matter what. Stop chasing customers that want a kidney transplant before they consider buying even your low-end offer. 

5. Be the boss. 

One of the best strategies to show up powerfully is to show up as the CEO. Boss energy attracts high-tickets clients. 

Think about who you do business with. It’s not the person responding to every “pick me” post on social media. That’s an indication that business isn’t going well, and those posts are more so for engagement. 

Using these five strategies will add (at least) an extra five-figures to your business because you’ll be strategically using social media. It helps you stand out from everyone else that’s using the same social media marketing playbook.

Social media is a great place to build your audience and increase revenue. Use it more effectively. 

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