The Only 5 Plugins You Need for SEO Out of 60,000 Options…

Spencer Haws

Did you know that there are over 60,000 WordPress plugins to choose from?

Knowing which plugins will truly help your site get more traffic from Google can be hard.

This list below of 5 WordPress plugins is all you need to generate millions of visitors from SEO…

1. Rank Math or Yoast SEO: I’ve used Yoast for years, but I’m leaning more and more towards Rank Math lately. Rank Math makes it simple to optimize your content with keywords, SEO your title/meta/images, and more. Pick one of these plugins and use it on every article.

2. Link Whisper: Most people forget or are too lazy to build internal links the right way. Google encourages internal links to rank content better. Link Whisper suggests links as you write, helps you link to orphaned content and so much more.

In case you were unaware, I’m currently offering a $25 off discount on Link Whisper this week! So, if you are interested in checking out Link Whisper for improving your SEO, now is a great time. Here’s how you can get the Link Whisper discount.

3. WP Rocket: Site speed is important for SEO. WP Rocket will cache your content and images so it takes less time to load. Faster loading = easier to crawl and rank in Google.

4. Imagify (or other image compression plugin): Images are often the largest file and load time on a site. Imagify compresses your images as you upload them. This reduces server space (saves money!), and makes your site faster. Speed = SEO win.

5. Generate Blocks. A fast theme like GeneratePress combined with GenerateBlocks reduces the load on your site over many other bloated themes and editors. GB gives you the easy editing tools you want without the bloat that Google hates.

Bonus! Table of Contents Plus. TOC plus adds jump links to each section of your content. These additional links make content more scannable by users and easier to crawl and index specific sections of articles. While not required, a nice TOC can help with your SEO.

Hopefully this list makes your life a bit easier when trying to decide which of the over 60,000 WordPress plugins you should use on your site for SEO.

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